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Apart from being an AIL Director, Andy is also one of the most respected leaders in Yalu.

Since 2001 after being appointed as the clan leader of Yalu,        he began working on his advocacies to improve the livelihood      of his people. One of the programs that he greatly supports is the investment in different agricultural programs in the village such as Coco planting. Along with that is the implementation      of various community activities that enrich the talents and potentials of the village youths.  


From 2018-2019 he became part of Ahi Hope Foundation Board as the Deputy Chairman.

In terms of his professional career, he has also shown                  his full commitment and dedication to all the companies he has worked with.


For 7 years he worked as the Transport and Logistic Supervisor in Riback Stevedores Limited. When Riback closed he was transferred to Morobe Terminal Limited (MTL) as a Transport Supervisor for one year. From MTL he moved across to South Pacific International Container Terminal Limited (SPICTL)-ICTSI as the Operations Superintendent in 2018 up to now.


Currently, he is taking up Management courses at the University of Technology (UniTech) which is 100% sponsored by SPICTL.  

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