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Ahi Charitable Trust (ACT)

ACT is a Trust established for charitable purposes. The charitable status of ACT allows tax benefits for donors. It also allows all funds received from donors are expended without any tax deduction enabling maximum benefit for its beneficiaries.


The beneficiaries of ACT are the Traditional Customary Landowners of the six Ahi Villages. These six Ahi Villages include Yalu, Kamkumung, Hengali, Butibam, Yanga and Wakang.


The vision of ACT is to have a prosperous Ahi community.  ACT will endeavor to develop sustainability programs with support from various stakeholders that will aim to address

the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in all the Ahi Villages including the broader Lae community. These programs will include investments in social, economic and environmental projects. 


We believe in controlling our own destiny and to collaborate with key partners to improve

the living standards and economic opportunities for Ahi and the broader Lae community.

Our efforts will be directed to deliver improved outcomes in employment opportunities, health, education and law & order.

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