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New Omili Police Station
Groundbreaking of
Wagang Church
Inaugural Fishing Contest 2020
Ahi University Students' 2021 Summer Awareness Program in the 6 Ahi Villages
2021 School Bag Distribution in the 6 Ahi Villages
AGL on PNGCRS 2021
Sponsored Walk for the Cancer Patients

Handover Takeover Ceremony
for the 6 Ahi VCAIs

Wakang Church Opening
Ahi Group on PNG's 45th Year of Independence
New Malahang Police Station
School Camp for AHI Youth
6 Ahi Villages Food Offering for Wakang Church Opening
2021 Distribution of CoVid 19 Health Care Kit to all Ahi Group Employees & Families 
Ahi Group's COVID-19 Drive

Ahi Group Celebrates PNG's 46th Year Anniversary of Independence 

Ahi Group's Funeral Donation
to Late Hon. Sam Basil

ATSL' First Payment to AIL
AIL's Support for Grade 8 Essay Writing Competition Winners  
Blessing of the New AGL Office
AHI Festival 2010


ICTSI News on 30% Shares of ATSL & Labu Investment Limited

School Bag Distribution/Inaguration of           New Malahang Police Station

2019 Year-End Review

Inaguration of New Omili Police Station

Omili Gets New Police Station after 20 years of Operating from a Rundown Facility

Credits to EMTV

Launching of Six(6) Buses

Sustainability Report

Malahang Police Post Rehabilitation Project Officially Signed 

Credits to EMTV


World Bank Urban Youth Employment Program for Lae 

Credits to Lae Open Electorate Facebook Page


The Ahi Song
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