Ahi Prudential Development Limited (APDL)

Ahi Prudential Development Limited (APDL) is created as a TRUSTEE Company to hold shares in Ahi Investment Limited (AIL) on behalf of its beneficiaries.  The beneficiaries of APDL are the registered traditional customary landowners of the 6 Ahi villages.  APDL as a trustee will exist to firstly support AIL to grow and increase shareholder wealth and secondly it will serve as a conduit through which wealth created from its investment will be distributed to its beneficiaries. APDL is also responsible to seek and manage donor funding which are earmarked for specific projects identified to benefit any of the 6 Ahi villages.

Through APDL, communal benefit sharing will be channeled down to the people of Ahi via ACT.


Mr. Andrew Baing


Mrs. Nellie McLay


Mr. Kwalam Tangapi


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